This series is a deep study of cinematography techniques I have learned over my career as a CG generalist and animation film director.

Since 2000, my College Monograph was about how to translate Film Cinematography into CG, and applying this into a Short Film I presented along with the Monograph and I scored 10 with Praise, this was the start of a long journey into learning Cinematography.

In this study I try to put my learning to the test and reproduce Cinematic shots that I love from Movies and Series that I feel have a strong Direction of Photography.  

Part of the study is to use the least possible color grading to achieve the look, but I usually use Corona Renderer frame buffer and LUTs to slightly match the look if needed. 

Hope you enjoy  seeing the results as much as I am enjoying making those. This is an ongoing study so check back often to see if I have put up new shots.