Director | Scriptwriter


FROM DUST is a short film directed by André Holzmeister, it brings us to a reflection about our origin and destiny as a civilization. It’s an allegory about what in fact unite humanity to everything that surrounds us, it is a celebration to time itself, to ascension and decadence.


Directed by André Holzmeister
Music and Sound Design by Marcelo Baldin / Combustion
Director of Photography Kaue Zilli
Art Direction Danilo Silveira
Producer: Sara Dalila, Camila Justino, Adriana Barbosa
Executive Producer André Holzmeister and Fernanda Geraldini
Conception André Holzmeister and Átila Meireles
Edited by André Holzmeister
Color Grading by Danilo Silveira
Featuring: Seu Paulo

VFX team
André Holzmeister
Marco Melantonio
Moises Gomes
Rodrigo Augusto
Thales Simonato
Diego Esteves

Special Thanks

Ludimilla Belge
Roberto Martini
Cristiano Trindade
Manuel Nogueira
Vanderlei Santana
Rodrigo Germano
Danilo Silveira