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This artistic renditions of Brazil’s minorities are a protest against Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro. One person can not get away after saying viciously and out loud what he says against LGBT, Native Indians, Black people, Women, etc…
It exposes a deep wound in our society and all the prejudice we carry on a veiled way, as DESPITE all of that, or even worse, BECAUSE all of that, he won the presidency election of 2018. It is outrageous, and those quotes could come out as a shock for you that are not familiar with Bolsonaro, but I guarantee it was hard to choose between so many despicable quotes available for each of those themes I choose to use as inspiration for my artistic voice.

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Art Title: PRIDE
Bolsonaro’s most prominent characteristic, homophobia, that actually made him famous by the atrocities he used to say without any shame or regret... and for that I bring you the art titled as PRIDE

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"Candomblé as tied to blackness was seen as an act of resistance against the coloniser. This was literal in the case of quilombos: communities founded by runaway slaves, where Candomblé is most often practiced and to this day undergo frequent raids by police. A quashing of Candomblé thus becomes a quashing of blackness, and vice versa."
Rohan Rice

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Art Title: TUPI
Bolsonaro is against every reserve for the original inhabitants of Brazil, the native indians, and his government is taking action to let “progress” take over their lands and the Amazon forest is having the worst numbers on deforestation in years, his government is working hard on deconstructing all the laws and regulations we hardly created to protect the forest from the agribusiness.