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“... not only was it brilliant executed, incredibly moving, unbelievably powerful, what we thought, on a very limited budget, they’ve done something incredible!” John Hegarty, host at Cannes Lions Prand Prix for Good delivery ceremony speech, About Malak and the Boat and Unfairy Tales.

“Sometimes you have to support an idea whose moment is now,” John Hegarty remarked. “This campaign was incredibly emotional and as a jury we played a small part in helping it reaching more people.”

UNICEF is launching a new animated series meant to bring attention to the youngest victims of the Syrian refugee crisis, Unfairy Tales. Created by ad agency 180LA, the videos chronicle real children’s journeys from Syria by juxtaposing stunning animation with terrifying narrations of the terrible events wrought by this globally impactful humanitarian disaster.

The campaign will officially launch with the first story, Malak and the Boat, which will premiere at the Supporting Syria & The Region donor conference in London on February 4. The event is co-hosted by world leaders of the U.K., Germany, Kuwait, Norway and the United Nations. More than 70 countries, international organizations, NGOs, civil society and private sector attendees are expected.

Malak and the Boat tells seven-year-old Malak’s harrowing story of his journey across the Mediterranean seeking shelter from the Syrian conflict. 

I had the pleasure of directing and producing all the CG of the film for House of Colors and Adhemas Batista. This is my Director's Cut for the film, enjoy!



Produced by
House of Colors

Created by
180 LA

Creative Directors
Eduardo Marques
Rafael Rizuto

Designer Diretor
Adhemas Batista

Director and Scriptwriter
André Holzmeister

André Holzmeister

Visual Direction
Adhemas Batista, André Holzmeister

Sound Design & Music
Edu Luke and Elisa Gatti for Hefty Audio.


Character Design
Jonathan Marshall, André Holzmeister, Adhemas Batista

Concept Art
Jonathan Marshall, Adhemas Batista

Jonathan Marshall, Adhemas Batista

Ricardo Almeida, Guilherme Neder

Project Manager
Luiz Abud

Render Wrangler
Rodrigo Henrique

Rendering Sponsored by
RebusFarm GmbH / Renderservice

Special Thanks
To our families and wives